Advantages of living in the Calgary suburbs.

When looking for a home, many homebuyers are not sure whether to pick a property in the city core or yet find a beautiful house or a bigger apartment on the outskirts of the city. When we look at the suburbs nowadays, they’ve come a long way regarding the conveniences and amenities they offer. Suburbs are not for families only anymore, but many young couples, singles and retired persons also try their luck with suburban living. The pros of living on the outskirts are numerous especially for those who appreciate a quiet surrounding.

One of the biggest advantages is the space one gets to enjoy. You don’t have to put up with crowded streets, traffic noise 24/7 or a small apartment. Suburbs are known for white picket fences and big green perfectly manicured lawns which appeals to a large number of people. In Copperfield, Cranston, McKenzie Towne, etc., a number of condos is also available to those who prefer apartments.

One of the main reasons people move to the suburbs is affordability. Some people, especially young families or parents-to-be rather buy a house or a three-bedroom apartment in the burbs than pay the same amount for a one-bedroom apartment in the city. Price per square footage can be unreasonably high in the city core. However, compared to suburb residents, downtown residents usually don’t have to spend so much on transportation to and from work. Therefore, before buying a suburban home, one should think about the transportation costs and how much they will be per month. Are you planning to go by car to work or by public transport? How many miles and how much gas is it on a daily basis? Sometimes, suburb residents fare better with the home price but spend way more on gas which overrides the theory of cheaper living costs. It all depends on the daily commute distance one has to travel.

Suburbs are known for lower crime rates which makes living even more comfortable. Residents also get to enjoy many green spaces and clean air. For those who have children, one of the great things is that schools are perhaps within walking distance. Childhood in the suburbs can be a pretty amazing experience for kids where they can play on the streets or in the park with a bunch of other children from the neighborhood. However, the suburbs might not be ideal when the kids reach their teenage years as they might be more fond of the downtown area which simply offers more opportunities to the youth, so you can find yourself driving to the city center more often than you’d like, e.g., pick-ups and drop-offs from dance classes, football training, cinema etc.

Calgary SE Suburbs
Calgary SE suburbs are known by the wonderful surrounding nature. Ponds, lakes, parks, walking and cycling trails are found across all neighbourhoods offering its residents the quiet and peace they probably hoped for when they moved to the outskirts. Nature and outdoor activities are a great part of McKenzie Towne, Deer Ridge, Deer Run, Copperfield and others. The best part of the Southeast Calgary communities is their proximity to the downtown area. Living in Deer Ridge, Cranston or Copperfield means reaching Downtown under 30 minutes by car or public transport.

Are The Suburbs Better?
One cannot say that the suburbs are better than downtown living. It all depends on what each individual is looking for and their preferences. Some people don’t like the quiet and enjoy the excitement that downtown areas offer, while others wouldn’t trade the suburban lifestyle for anything.

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