Buying in Calgary? Pick a local REALTOR!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in one of the suburban communities in Southeast Calgary and you are browsing the internet to find an excellent realtor, you should probably narrow your search down to realtors who actively work in Calgary SE. Hiring a local real estate agent comes with many benefits as they are the ones who are familiar with every corner of the area they work in.

Calgary SE is a market for itself, and it’s not the same as the market in Mississauga, for example. Hiring a realtor who specializes in Mississauga real estate to help you buy a home in Copperfield or Deer Ridge could be a risky choice and vice versa. There is no such thing as general or universal knowledge in real estate given that every area or city is different and has its own unique set of rules.

Local realtors know the area well
Full-time realtors who specifically work in Calgary SE have probably invested years in getting to know every aspect of the communities in the Southeastern District. They’ll be able to give you valuable information about the market conditions and which types of home are popular down there, as well as what each community offers, which homes are over or under market value in the area, etc.

Local realtors are part of the community
It means a lot having a local realtor on your side who knows the people from the area you are interested in. They’ll know where you can find a good lawyer, a mortgage lender, a contractor or any other service you might need. An insider is the most valuable source of information who will quickly lay things out for you, e.g., particularities about neighborhoods, amenities you can find, how much you can expect to pay for utilities and living costs, how long you have to drive to work, how far away the schools are, how the public transports works, etc. You can get tons of inside information before you even move to one of the communities.

They know which specific laws apply in the area
Canada is a big country with ten provinces and three territories, and not all of them are governed by the same laws and bylaws. Only a local realtor will possess in-depth knowledge of the real estate regulations and rules that apply in their specific area. Buying or selling a home is a serious transaction where a lot of money is involved, and even a minor slip in the contract can have severe consequences. A realtor who is not working in Calgary may not be familiar with all bylaws and regulations that apply in the city.

Local realtors can tell you more about the future of your potential new neighborhood
Would you be able to guess what the future holds for a specific area or neighborhood?  Do you know if any development projects are underway and what they exactly include? How will they affect the economy and real estate market in that particular area in several years? Perhaps, your local realtor will be able to give you more details on that. If we take, for example, Cranston or Copperfield, where many housing projects are underway, only a local realtor will be able to give you information first-hand how the projects will or won’t benefit the community.

If you are looking to sell or buy in Deer Ridge, Deer Run, Cranston, Copperfield or McKenzie Towne, call Ron Clappison licensed associate (Realtor) with Real Estate Professionals Inc. 

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