Calgary SE – A great downsizing opportunity for retired persons.

There are many reasons why people decide to downsize, but one of the most common is retirement. After decades of hard work and after the kids have left the family nest, many people start thinking about downsizing and what would be the ideal solution for them. Some of them want to move closer to their children and grandchildren, while others are looking to find a smaller house or yet a condo apartment that is low-maintenance with lower costs (e.g., lower mortgage costs and utility bills). In Alberta, one of the best cities for retirement is Calgary, whereby the communities in the Southeastern District are especially convenient for senior citizens as they are known as quiet neighborhoods with lots of amenities. Whether it’s the old communities like Deer Ridge and Deer Run or the more fancy ones like Cranston, Copperfield or McKenzie Towne, all of them offer great homes for the age group 50+. Even the latest census has shown that this age group is on the rise in these neighborhoods, especially in Deer Run. There are plenty of reasons why Alberta retirees prefer Calgary communities in the Southeast when it’s time to downsize.

First of all, properties are affordable if compared to the rest of the country, and many people who are going to live off their retirement payment (and maybe savings) are trying to find a reasonably priced home that they can afford with their monthly retirement check. They usually opt for a smaller home or a condo apartment to keep the maintenance costs low as well.  Luckily, the Southeast Calgary communities are not only affordable, but they also offer beautiful homes with all the conveniences a person needs. The new communities, like Cranston, Copperfield and McKenzie Towne are abundant in different architectural styles, and regardless of your taste, you will be able to find the right home for you. Another important factor is that many of these homes are adjusted or adjustable to facilitate moving around the property if you happen to have a medical condition that limits your mobility (e.g., back pain).

The fabulous nature is yet another benefit especially for elderly citizens who particularly enjoy the fresh air and green surfaces. Man-made lakes, perfectly designed walking trails and hiking paths are the main features of Calgary SE communities, offering residents a number of recreational activities they can enjoy. The communities also organize different activities which senior citizens can join throughout the year.

One of the popular choices in Calgary SE is the Aviemore condo facility in McKenzie Towne that offers a convenient and even luxurious 50+ lifestyle. The condo community was built for residents over 50 who are looking for a quiet and nice place to live. The condo apartments are mostly open-concept with hardwood floors, while the apartments vary in size. The building is close to shopping amenities, public transport, a golf course, etc.

Another perfect reason for Alberta retirees to choose Calgary SE is great health care at the South Health Campus near Cranston. The facility offers high-quality treatment programs for different diseases and conditions, as well as wellness center programs. Calgary communities, in general, score very high as some of the most livable communities in Canada.
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