Looking for a family friendly home in SE Calgary? Here is what you should be looking for.

Every family deserves a home where they feel comfortable and where they can relax, spend time together (and alone) and bring or invite guests over. Calgary SE is a family-friendly community and there are lots of homes that are well-suited for family life, but what defines a family-friendly home by today’s standards? What does a home have to have to meet the individual needs of all household members? 

Open Floor Plan
An open floor plan has become the most desirable feature of homebuyers since it allows family members to be in different rooms but still together not divided by any walls or doors. It strengthens sociability among family/household members as they can conveniently talk to each other while they are going after their activities. For example, while the adults cook dinner, children can do their homework at the dining table and talk about the day. Everyone has their personal space, but they are still spending time together.

Enough Bedrooms
While family members can hang out together in the shared rooms, everyone still needs their privacy. If you are planning on having more kids, don’t buy a home that is just good for right now, but one that will also meet your needs in 5-10 years. 

Multi-purpose Room
An extra room can contribute significantly to a higher quality of life. It can be a “retreat” or hobby room, a home office or children’s play area, and even a guest room, depending on the current needs. At least one extra room should be on your checklist when searching for a home for your family. Someone will need it at some point. 

Nearby Amenities
Parents are especially interested in amenities nearby as they know they’ll need good schools and nursery schools, parks and green spaces, etc., and preferably, within walking distance. These amenities are important as they’ll dictate the course of your daily routine and you need your new home to make it easier on you. Cranston, Copperfield, Deer Ridge, Deer Run and McKenzie Towne are well-equipped with different amenities from schools and playgrounds to walking and cycling pathways.

Safe Location And Mobility
Homes adjacent to the road might not be the perfect fit for families especially those with young children. Luckily, Calgary SE has many beautiful homes with great yards that make you feel much safer. Sidewalks and the traffic flow are also to be taken into consideration to make sure you feel comfortable walking/driving the streets in your new neighborhood. Public transport options may also play a role especially if you have teenage kids who’d like to go independently to Downtown Calgary sometimes. Calgary SE neighborhoods are well connected to other areas and fairly close to Downtown. 

Storage Options
To avoid running into each other’s stuff all the time, make sure there is plenty of storage space, whether it’s extra-large drawers, a pantry, an extra closet, etc. You’ll need it considering all the stuff you piled up as a family. Clutter can contribute to anxiety and you want to feel good in your new home. Homes with smart storage solutions can be found all over Calgary SE, so this shouldn’t be an obstacle if you are planning to move to one of the SE communities. 

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