What are the ultimate no-go’s for home buyers?

Sellers can hope for an increase in home prices in 2018 in almost all parts of Canada, but they still can’t lay back and wait for the perfect buyer without making an effort on their part. Buyers are already faced with stricter stress tests and a higher interest rate (again as of 17 January 2018), and they certainly won’t put up with unpresentable homes on top of all that. Calgary’s still strong buyer’s market and an expected increase for detached homes (even though small) won’t benefit sellers, and they should at least make their homes show-ready. Buyers will want a home they can see themselves living in which they hardly can if they are met with the following situations.

Filth And Dirt
It’s understandable that your daily schedule leaves little time to maintain a clean home at all times, especially if you have kids and pets, but you are a seller, and this is priority #1. Dirty floors and carpets are not an option. If your rug seems really worn out with set-in stains, you should probably replace it. Even if buyers might turn a blind eye if they like the home, why risk it? Dusty surfaces are also a total no-go.

Very Old Appliances
It’s not fun to invest in things you won’t even get to use, but if you really want the best price for your home, you should. Outdated fans, lights and kitchen appliances won’t look good in the eyes of the buyers. Even if they decide to buy the home, they’ll probably try to negotiate a lower price.

A cluttered home is simply an awful sight. You can’t show your home if random stuff is all over the place. Organize your personal items, clothes, jars, pillows, CDs, dishes, etc., and don’t toss them into any closets, drawers or a pantry. In fact, those have to be decluttered, too. Buyers would be pretty shocked to find storage rooms and closets filled to the top. Keeping them half-full is acceptable.

Bad Smell
Unpleasant odors are a huge turn-off! They leave a really bad impression and potential buyers will probably think how to get out of there as soon as possible. Air and fabric fresheners won’t be enough to get rid of bad cooking smells. The best you can do is to stay away from making fried and greasy food while your home is on the market.
Pet smell is also hard to get out! You may think that buyers won’t mind especially if they are pet lovers themselves, but they will. Plus, buyers might not be pet fans at all. When you have a home showing, make sure to hide pet bowls and dishes as well.

Buyers may feel uncomfortable to comment on the home and ask questions when they know the owner is standing next to them. That’s why you should let your listing agent take care of potential buyers. And remember, neither you nor anyone who lives with you should be home during showings.

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