Energy efficient homes and their signifigance.

The concept of energy efficient homes is gaining in popularity with every day. Energy efficient features are not only great because they promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but also because they cut costs and utility bills which means saving money in the long run.

Whether you are updating your own home to add value to it or looking for a new home, energy efficient homes can provide you with many benefits. Here are some useful tips to improve the quality of life with certain home features of the new generation. 

Water Efficiency
Water is absolutely indispensable to human beings, and we use it constantly, indoors and outdoors, without giving it too much thought. Cleaning, cooking, showering, fountains, pools, grass sprinklers, etc. require lots of water on an everyday basis. If you want to waste less energy, switch to energy-efficient water heaters or tank-less water heaters which won’t only save energy but also use less space.

Cut Electricity Costs
Does your electricity bill seem unrealistically high and you keep wondering why? Maybe it’s time to replace the old household appliances. After all, they are known for “swallowing” too much energy and driving up the utility costs. Buy newer-age energy efficient appliances which will not only lower the electricity bill but also freshen up the kitchen and living space. Low-consuming lighting fixtures and timers are also a great energy-saving measure, as well as smart thermostats which keep the temperature intact and simultaneously save energy.

Heating and Cooling
Low-energy heating systems have become the norm for many people, e.g., condensing furnaces offer top energy savings and keep the heat inside the home, plus they usually come with longer warranties. When it comes to heating and cooling, proper insulation, doors and windows play a very important role. Make sure windows and doors don’t permit outside air floor. Extra ceiling insulation can also prevent heat/cold from coming inside. It can reduce your need for air condition during hot summer days, too. For a full effect, install high-performance windows or shade them to keep the strong summer sun and the heat out of your home. If you still haven’t got a ceiling fan that moves in both directions, make sure to get one. Clockwise motions will keep the warm air in the room when it’s cold, while counterclockwise motions will create a breeze when it’s hot outside.

Keep It Cool With Roofing
Cool roofing materials have a higher solar reflectance, absorb less heat and contribute to cooler air inside the home during high temperatures. A lighter roof color will also help the process, but if you simply can’t resist a black roof, choose dark pigmented tiles that have been specifically designed to absorb less heat.

It may require many add-ons and elements combined to actually achieve energy efficiency in a home, but looking at the long-term benefits, it’s absolutely worth it.  Energy efficient features add value to your home especially in Calgary – one of the leading cities when it comes to adding eco-friendly homes. As a matter of fact, Calgary won the title of World’s Top Eco City in 2010.

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