Most annoying situations when selling a home.

Sellers are usually very excited about showing their home to buyers, especially if they have done some repairs and upgrades, hoping that it will earn them some extra points. A seller’s major concern is if the home will sell and how long it will take, but it’s not the only one. Somewhere along the way, sellers will notice that not all potential buyers are nice. In fact, many of them will come over as irresponsible, rude, hard to talk to, etc. Here are some of the most annoying situations sellers have to go through during the sale process. 

Showings At The Last Minute
On some days, you will have time to prepare for a home showing and polish up the details, but on other days, buyers will just spontaneously call and expect to come see your home immediately, leaving you only 30 or 40 minutes to prepare. This means having very little time to restore order to the home and make it presentable. Even if you maintain it regularly, there is always something that could be put away, cleaned or dusted.  Your job is to get done as much as possible in the short timeframe and leave. Don’t cancel on the spontaneous buyers no matter how annoyed you are. Maybe they will like your home so much that they’ll put down an offer right on the spot. 

Buyers Not Showing Up At All
Worse than last-minute showings are no showings at all. It can get frustrating if you have vacuumed, mopped and decluttered for a scheduled home showing only to realize that no one is coming. Even if you get upset, don’t lose hope and wait for the next buyer.

Unflattering Feedback From Buyers
After every home showing, you will be eager to hear what the buyers have to say, but it won’t be pretty every time. Some buyers simply won’t like the home while others may only emphasize the negative to get you to lower the price. You probably won’t like it, but try to keep your emotions out of it and think about turning it into your favor. Consult your realtor and discuss whether the remarks are objective or not and if you can do something about it if they were to put down an offer. However, don’t let them play with your self-esteem and make you sell below market value.  

Your Home Doesn’t Look Exactly The Same After Home Showings
When you have home showings, you are supposed to leave the home before the buyers arrive to avoid making them feel uncomfortable. In that way, buyers can take a peek into every corner without feeling bad, but some buyers may go overboard.  To see how the space and layout work, they may rearrange the furniture and turn things upside down. Some of them will bring children who can also cause some damage. Of course, no one wants to find their sofa on the other side of the room or books scattered on the floor, but you will have to be patient until the deal is sealed.

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