Your Calgary SE and SW Dream Home Wishlist

Buyers usually have a crystal-clear vision of how they would like their new house to look. Even though they are aware that they will have to compromise on certain things, they still try to find the home closest to their vision. Of course, the first limitation to getting your dream home is the budget. Make sure only to go through listings which you can afford. If you cannot afford a big yard with a tennis court, then, don’t look at such ads and focus on what you can afford.

To align your wishes with your budget, you will have to set (realistic) priorities. First, think about the things that cannot be changed in a home (e.g., location, the size and number of the rooms and bathrooms, etc.) and those that can (doors, flooring, wall color, etc.). You will easily conclude that the latter is less important. Your current living situation can help you define what really matters to you. What are your absolute dos and don’ts? Do you hate your small overcluttered kitchen, then, find a home with a nicer kitchen with enough storage potential. Also, if you work at or from home and your “office” is the bedroom or living room, it would be good to consider having a proper office in the new home.

Things like outdated shelves and worn-out furniture can be replaced at some point, so they should not play a key role when picking your dream house. Be ready to compromise, but only to a certain degree. For example, if you are a five-member family, don’t settle for a two-bedroom house only because it has a super-large yard where you could host barbeques and dinner parties. Don’t let your emotions lead you through the process; be guided by the needs of your whole family.

What To Expect At Showings
You will know where you stand at only after having visited the house you want to buy. Commonly, every house will require certain fixes. Be prepared to find at least two dysfunctional things in the house. The good news is that making a lower offer in such a case is usually justified.

Even if sellers made some repairs and fixes prior to selling, keep in mind that they might be poorly done. No one likes to invest in the property they are going to leave.Also, do not fall in love with a house via an ad. The reality can be quite different. Sellers are known to stretch the truth here and then, and it often happens that a house is not the same as in the pictures you saw online. Photoshop can do wonders, making things look updated and new. An actual visit to the house usually proves that the furniture does not look as new as in the photos, that the walls are in a completely different color, and that the rooms look smaller. Sellers may also bend the truth when it comes to proximity to major amenities. They may say that the shopping mall, downtown area, etc., is only ten minutes away, but in reality it is always 5 or 10 minutes more.

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