What are a REALTORS® responsiblities when you are buying a Calgary home?

Buying a home without a realtor would probably be a risky move, given that the transaction requires deep knowledge of the market conditions and a specific skill set, as well as experience in the real estate business. Hiring a good realtor will certainly help you understand the market and minimize any associating risks that are lurking in the market. A realtor will guide you through the transaction including picking homes for house showings, scheduling house showings, making sure everything is OK with the home and much more. They’ll walk you through the process step by step until they hand you the keys to your new home.

Still, it’s hard for buyers to know what exactly their realtors are supposed to do during a transaction.  Different agents rely on different techniques, but each one of them should follow a set of rules that is based on putting the client first.  

Listening to you
A good realtor will first listen to you and your idea of the perfect home and your expectations. They’ll try to find properties that match your vision. If you say that a big kitchen is a must-have, they won’t present you with homes that come without one. They’ll also explain to you how the market works and what you can expect during the buying process. Getting a heads up will give you an insight on how houses are priced, and which ones are over or underpriced and why.

What you can find in each community
Of course, location is one of the crucial factors, and if you are not sure which neighborhood to choose, your agent will fill you in on each community. They’ll tell you where you can find the nearest and the best amenities, how far the nearest bus station is, about nearby shopping malls, etc. You may ask them about other details in the area, like stores, gyms, dentists or anything else.

Won’t charge you for the service
The best part about hiring a realtor as a buyer is not having to pay for the service. For you, it’s free! The seller covers the commission for both, their own listing agent and the realtor who represents the matching buyer.

Identify how much house you can afford
Finding a home that meets your needs within a certain budget can be frustrating at times. Your realtor can’t do much about your budget, but they’ll definitely try to find you your dream home within your price range.  They’ll also advise you to get at least pre-qualified for a mortgage before you start even looking in order to reduce the search to affordable homes only.

Visit House Showings With You
When the house shopping starts, your agent will go with you to house showings where you can ask them any questions right on the spot. You can discuss the size of the home, updates of the home (if they were any), the size of the rooms, the furniture, appliances, etc. Your realtor will inquire about the condition of the house and if it needs repairs, what has been updated in the past, the condition of the roof, building material, isolation, etc. They’ll also make sure that a home inspection is conducted.

Help you with making an offer
Putting an offer is one of the final steps, and your realtor will advise you on how to fill out the necessary form and if and how much you can deviate from the asking price. If you want to negotiate the price, a good agent will put their negotiating skills to use until you and the seller come to an agreement.

They’ll check on the transaction
If your offer gets accepted, a good realtor will check on the progress and stay in touch with the seller’s representative. If something should stay in the way of closing, for example, if the seller is supposed to make certain repairs to the home before you move in, and they don’t, your realtor (mostly with the help of a lawyer) will make sure that they either carry out what they promised or compensate you in another form.

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