The advantages/disadvantages of living in more established SE Calgary neighbourhoods.

Calgary’s Southeast communities have gained prominence in the last 10-15 years as they expanded rapidly. The many lakes, mountains and the Bow River characterize the area, and the population growth was spurred by steady economic development. Besides its Downtown neighborhoods like Chinatown, West End, East Village, etc., Calgary is also known for its beautiful, small-town-like communities with several thousands of residents that are especially well-suited for young families and first-time buyers. The self-sufficient communities of Deer Ridge and Deer Run were developed in the late 1970s and count to older neighborhoods, while McKenzie Towne, Cranston, and Copperfield were only established in the 1990s and early 2000s and represent master-planned modern communities. Even if the old and new communities have lots in common, each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages.

Deer Ridge and Deer Run are well-connected to all other neighborhoods and the city center, but the new communities are not lagging behind. One may reach the city by public transport in ca. 25-30 minutes. All of the five communities have easy access to Deerfoot Trail, but getting onto it from Deer Ridge and Deer Run takes approximately 10 minutes, while McKenzie Towne, for example, is located right next to it. Still, the advantage of the two old communities is that they are somewhat closer to the Downtown area. On the other hand, development and infrastructure projects are still a great part of the new communities which will further improve the lives of residents living there. Look at Cranston, for example; they are going to get a new interchange which will facilitate access to Deerfoot Trail and connect the community better with the South Health Campus.

The Bow River is definitely one of the great advantages when living in Deer Ridge and Deer Run together with Fish Creek Provincial Park which offers numerous recreational activities. Both neighborhoods are welcoming and great places to start a life. The Bow River pathway, suitable for jogging, hiking, and cycling, is one of the favorite places of the residents. However, the new communities have also their perks which gained them an outstanding reputation. If we take McKenzie Towne, for example, the numerous walking trails, paved pathways, a lot of green areas and ponds offer nature lovers a wide choice of variety.

The Housing Market
All of these communities are family-friendly and pedestrian-friendly with gorgeous natural scenery. They offer an array of amenities for residents who don’t have to rush downtown every time they have to run an errand. Everything is within reach, either they need to go grocery shopping or to the dentist. Still, the new communities may be more practical from that point of view as they are even more resident-oriented.

Affordable homes can be found in each of the neighborhoods. The new communities may offer more variety as they feature new construction homes in many different architectural styles in a neotraditional fashion, but all types of homes are common in all neighborhoods: semi-detached and detached houses, bungalow homes, low-rise and high-rise apartments, etc.

Prices differ slightly from neighborhood to neighborhood, and the average home price is the highest in Cranston with around $600,600, while in Copperfield and McKenzie Towne, the average price is below $400,000 at the moment. Deer Ridge and Deer Run homes are on average between ca. $433,000 and $490,000, which indicates that the old communities are still in demand and that the new communities are not valued more in the market.

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