Riverstone of Cranston: The Jewel of Calgary SE

Located between the Cranston Escarpment and the Bow River, the Riverstone community is one of the top neighborhoods in Cranston Southeast Calgary with its beautiful new builds, the Fish Creek Park in its vicinity and the Bow River. It is almost like stepping into a fairy tale as one walks by the well-known Riverside sign at the entrance of the community. The splendid nature, seemingly endless green spaces, the sights of water and valley and tree lines are all part of Riverstone’s character. If you add top-notch amenities available in nearby Cranston, you get all the perks one can have and enjoy.

Even if the rest of Calgary SE is also known for its natural wonders, Riverstone, on top of nature, also offers a certain lifestyle and standard of living. It is the most sophisticated neighborhood you can find in SE Calgary.

The Cranston Riverstone Homes
The custom-made properties, bungalows, townhomes and Detached may cost more in this beautiful extension of Cranston, but buyers get also a lot in return. Riverstone has also its share of luxury estates which give the community a particular higher-end status, even if affordable homes can be found. Built from prime materials and complying with very high standards, ALL Riverstone homes are designed to complement the nature and the environment.
Mover-uppers and retired persons are highly interested in this area as it is perfect for raising children, but also for enjoying the peace and quiet people mostly desire when they retire. People who appreciate outdoor activities and want to be able to pursue them on a daily basis, like fishing, jogging, hiking, are especially fond of Riverstone.

Move-Up Homes In Riverstone
Move-up homes can be found in different price categories, i.e., the more affordable ones start around $550,000, while the ones built and designed by renowned Brookfield Residential start in the $700,000 range. Move-up homes can be found within walking distance from the Bow River or near the ponds.

Parents especially enjoy the fact that the two new Cranston schools are just around the corner, so they don’t have to put up with traffic jams every time they pick up or drop off their children. It saves a lot of time on a daily basis. Playgrounds can also be found across the community offering children to socialize with others in a very harmonious surrounding. Having the South Calgary Health Centre nearby is also a huge advantage for all residents.

Riverstone is still in development, but the plan is to build 1100 homes and provide housing for around 3,500 people. An additional entrance is also planned on the south side that will connect the community to Deerfoot Trail through Cranston. The community enables easy access within as well, with its many pathways and trails that go through the community as a whole. The detailed pathways and stone pathways are kind of a trademark of Riverstone as they harmonize beautifully with the surrounding nature. 

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