How to prepare your Calgary home for inspection.

If you are one of the successful sellers who profited from the busy summer season this year and got a good offer on your home, it’s time to work on finalizing the sale. One of the steps may include letting an inspector (hired by the buyer) take a closer look at your home. If the buyer’s offer is contingent upon the home inspection, then, you should certainly do what is in your power to make it as smooth as possible.

What to do outside?
If you live in one of the beautiful SE Calgary Detached homes or townhouses, make sure to get rid of all debris and other objects, so that the inspector can take a walk around the house without any obstacles. If you maintain a nice curb appeal, it might be good to remove flower pots so the inspector can take a good look at the porch and stairs (if you have any).

Clean and run a check
Cleaning was probably on your everyday to do list while you were still hosting home showings, but you are not done yet. Like most of the people, the inspector won’t be thrilled to work their way through dust and cobwebs, so make sure you leave the home in decent condition. After all, you don’t want the inspector to mention any of this in the report. Also, conduct a mini pre-inspection yourself by checking all light switches, power outlets, bulbs, appliances and the doorbell. Don’t plug out the appliances and make sure everything works before you leave the house. The inspector may want to run the dryer, dishwasher or washing machine. If you have agreed with the buyers to fix or replace certain items/appliances, make sure you do so by the time of the inspection.

Declutter and enable access
Maybe you have already decluttered the closets and visible surfaces during the selling process, but now, you have to do the same for the inspector with a focus one enabling free access to the attic, basement, installations, pipes, etc. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are also empty and that boxes in the basement or garage are not in the way. Leave all rooms unlocked and all keys to the garage or basement on the living room table or kitchen counter.

Relevant documents
If you have had recent fixtures or replacements, like new pipes, new appliances, new air conditioner, repairs on the roof, etc., leave the relevant documents including warranties on the table. It will definitely make the inspection report sound better.

Inspectors usually don’t go out of their way to reach every corner in your home, and that’s why it’s important to step in as a homeowner and make everything accessible and reachable. You don’t want them to write that the blender included in the sale “is not working“ while it only was plugged out. Make sure you do your part, and the rest will fall into its place.

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