Buying a home in Calgary SE? Pricing differences between neighbourhoods.

Southeast Calgary has seen many development projects being completed in the past 15-20 years, thanks to which, the SE District has become a lively and desirable location for homebuyers, especially young families. All of the SE Calgary communities offer great and affordable housing options, a great transport network and all-around amenities which make them very popular with homebuyers. But, where is real estate the most affordable? Is it Cranston, Copperfield, McKenzie Towne, Deer Ridge or Deer Run? Let’s see what you can get this spring for how much in each of these communities.

Home Prices In McKenzie Towne, Cranston and Copperfield
All three communities appeal to a large number of SE Calgary buyers as they offer a great number of advantages, like lots of green spaces and parks, schools, beautiful spacious homes, etc. When it comes to the prices, Cranston is the forerunner with the highest average price currently at around $585,000. It’s the most populous community out of the 5, so it’s completely reasonable that demand and prices are higher in this community.  Some of the great properties feature astonishing views of the Bow River and the Rockies. Luxurious properties are quite common in Cranston too, and the highest listing price at this time is around $1,900,000. The lowest price in this neighborhood is currently just below $200,000. More affordable properties are available in the other communities.

For example, in Copperfield, the lowest listing price is roughly $163,000, while the average price in this community stands at ca. $377,500. The average price per square foot is $260 at this point. Copperfield features great personalized homes thanks to the 2002 Create Your Own Community concept which allowed homeowners to participate in designing their own homes. The highest listing currently is around $650,000.

If you are more interested in the vibrant McKenzie Towne community, you can count on paying $390,400 on average for a home and enjoy the many ponds as well as living near the accessible Deerfoot Trail. Currently, there’s no million dollar property on the market, and the highest listed property stands at $975,000. If your budget is tight, you can also find McKenzie Towne homes under $200,000 (the lowest listing at the moment is $185,000).

What About Prices In Deer Ridge And Deer Run?
If you hope to score better financially by getting a home in the older communities, Deer Ridge and Deer Run, you will be surprised to learn that they are keeping up with their neighboring master-planned communities, especially Deer Run where the average home costs ca. $454,000. Surprisingly, the average price in Deer Ridge is almost $100,000 lower than in Deer Run where with an average of ca. $360,000. The lowest listings in both communities are around $215,000, which is more than in the 3 other communities. This means that the gap between the lowest and average price is the smallest in Deer Ridge and Deer Run. These two communities are the smallest and have the lowest number of listings (11 and 18) which means that the choice is more limited than in McKenzie and Cranston, for example, with over 100 listings each.

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