Buying a condo vs detached single home in SE Calgary

Detached houses and duplex homes are still the prevailing type of housing in Southeast Calgary, but growth in the condo market has also been noticed in the past decade. The self-sufficient communities in Calgary SE offer many options when it comes to both, condos and houses. If you are buying in Calgary, you can count on very affordable prices compared to other Canadian cities, but still, it’s not always a matter of money, as your decision should be based on your own needs and preferred lifestyle.
 The comfort of a house
 If you are more of a private person who enjoys having plenty of indoor and outdoor space, Southeast Calgary detached or duplex houses might be the perfect housing solution for you. A house is undoubtedly a wise investment, offering more freedom and space. Most homes come with a backyard which can be conveniently used for different purposes, e.g., hosting barbecues, as an outdoor lounge or a playground for children. 
When you own a house, you are in charge of everything. If you don’t like a particular wall, you can tear it down without seeking permission from anyone. The same goes for any decorating. Also, you don’t have to follow any house rules, except your own. If you want to have a party or turn up the music after midnight, you may do so without having to worry about upstairs and downstairs neighbors.
The bad sides of owning a house
 A house costs more, and not only its sale price but all other accompanying costs as well. You will have to spend more on mortgage, property taxes, utility bills, home insurance, etc. If anything breaks and needs repair, you will have to pay for that service. Most probably, you will also have to invest in equipment to keep the outside of your home neat (like a lawn mower). Snow shoveling in the winter is also very common among house owners unless they pay someone to do it for them (which again costs money).

Conveniences of condo living
Many people opt for a condo simply due to financial reasons. Besides the financial advantage, owning a condo apartment means less work. Low-maintenance and low-cost condos are especially high in demand. In Southeast Calgary, the condominiums are usually in good condition, functional and relatively new, e.g., like in Cranston, Copperfield, etc.
Many people who travel or work a lot, rather live in a condo. They don’t have to bother about a broken elevator or cleaning the condo as such services are covered by condo fees. In addition, condos come with superb amenities, like a gym, roof terrace or pool, which owners/dwellers can freely use.
Condos are usually found in top locations, and they enable easier access to major facilities such as different businesses, restaurants, schools, public transport, etc. They also require little work as they are smaller in size and there is no outdoor work at all.
The bad side of owning a condo
 As soon as you own a condo apartment, you become a member of the condo community which means that you have to live by condo house rules (so read them carefully before buying). If you want to remodel your condo apartment, you will need to notify the condo board to see if it affects the “structural integrity” of the entire condo (e.g., ceiling, flooring, exterior walls, etc.).
Condo buyers usually ask about the maintenance fees and how much they are, but they often forget to inquire about fee increases or special assessment which are introduced from time to time, especially when the complex is being upgraded. Make sure to ask what is exactly covered by the fees, what kind of repairs, do they include insurance, and how often they increase on average. Don’t forget that condos come with many restrictions and different condos have different policies. Sometimes, they don’t allow pets, other times, they are age-restricted.

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