Best schools in Calgary SE

Calgary South East offers a great environment for raising a family including great amenities, and most importantly good schools. Parents want their children to grow up in safe and great neighborhoods that offer prestigious education and curricula that prepare their kids for the future. Many young families pick their place to live based on nearby school districts, and luckily, Calgary SE is one of the places where great schools can be found, especially Catholic schools which are extremely popular in the area. Most of them include programs that are based on values such as faith, family values, responsibility towards the community and themselves, as well as respect and work ethic, alongside academic learning goals. Let’s take a look at the individual schools in the individual neighborhoods that promote the best values and have an overall excellent reputation.

•      Deer Ridge is a smaller older community which is known for great Detached and amazing scenic views, but besides that, it is also proud of its Catholic Don Bosco School, which, besides elementary school education includes also a kindergarten. Naturally, as a faith school, it puts an emphasis on the good old values, but the curriculum is also designed to fit the individual needs of every student. Supplementary courses are also available, just as in many other Calgary schools thanks to its tight cooperation with many partners who support the schools. 

•    Cranston is one of the South East Calgary’s master-planned communities offering all-around modern-day facilities, including the Dr. George Stanley School, which among others, highlights the importance of an inclusive environment for learners enabling students to develop their skills alongside other students.

•   Christ The King is also an excellent school and its continuous high rating from the Fraiser Institute proves it (somewhere around 7.5). This school can also be found in Cranston, and it is known for broad extracurricular activities including arts, sports and science besides the well-organized and carefully adjusted regular courses. It pays great attention to physical activity to promote fitness and health among young learners. Parent involvement is highly encouraged in this school, as well.  

•   McKenzie Towne is also one of the communities easy to fall in love with given the quality of life and beautiful perfectly aligned properties. One of the great schools here is the McKenzie Highlands School which offers an all-around program and many great extracurricular activities that students can enjoy, and most of them join an athletic team.  Fostering academic and social skills, the school has become highly popular. Another top choice in McKenzie Towne is St. Albert The Great Catholic School where the care for children and a holistic approach to teaching are the focal points.

•  Copperfield is one of the places where there is lots to do, and in terms of education, it keeps up with the other communities. Copperfield’s St. Isabella School is known for high-quality education and a series of extra-curricular activities and opportunities.

Calgary SE schools are under the supervision of the Calgary Board of Education which promotes a unique and personalized student approach to enable them to reach their full potential. If you are looking for a home for your family in one of the communities above, feel free to contact me.

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