Attractions in Deer Run and Deer Ridge – Calgary

Quiet and peaceful surroundings are one of the major characteristics of the Southeastern District of Calgary. The same goes for Deer Ridge and Deer Run which are surrounded by wonderful landscapes which are especially admired by outdoor enthusiasts. To see nature at its finest, one only has to take a walk in Deer Run and Deer Ridge. Beautiful scenic views are synonymous with the two communities. There are many spots and places in Deer Ridge and Deer Run which represent the perfect getaway for its residents where they can recharge their batteries.Many nature lovers found their home in this area. The natural environment is certainly the biggest asset of our two Calgary communities. Hiking, cycling, skating and swimming represent some of the major outdoor activities, but there is also a tennis and golf course, as well as an open hockey arena.

The Bow River Pathway
The pathway was developed along the beautiful Bow River which flows through the communities. It is especially suitable for those who enjoy long walks and hiking.

The Fish Creek Provincial Park
The paradise-like nature is also one of the main reasons why the Fish Creek Provincial Park gained so much prominence, not only among residents but visitors as well. It’s close to the residential area and easy to access. The park offers several forms of entertainment.

Sikome Aquatic Facility is one of the most popular facilities in the park where people can enjoy their summer days. It consists of a man-made lake with a beautiful beach, washrooms, but also perfectly-cut lawns and pathways which lead to other parts of the park. The daily pass costs only $5 per adult person, while seniors can get in for $4. Entrance for children under 5 is free.  They also offer a family pass for only $10 which includes 2 adults and their children. It’s only open during the summer season. 

Great food and a comfortable ambiance can be found in the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant also located in the Fish Creek Provincial Park. The Bow Valley Ranche is over 100 years old, and the historic building represents one of the most attractive locations in the park. A pool, tennis court and one more story were added to the complex in the 1970s. The restaurant was opened in 1999 and serves as one of the most prominent wedding and business venues in the area.

Visitors can also enjoy a nice picnic with family and friends at Hulls Wood which is known for its many picnic tables and fire pits. It works on a first come first served basis.

The Bike Skills Park is the most recent amenity added to the park, and it is developing into the major go-to place especially appealing to the younger generations where they have the opportunity to practice their technical skills. Still, it only caters to beginners and intermediate riders. 

Deer Ridge and Deer Run are lovely communities which take great pride in their natural attractions.

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