Attractions in Cranston, Copperfield and Mackenzie Town – Calgary.

Just like Deer Ridge and Dee Run, Cranston, Copperfield and McKenzie Towne are typical SE Calgary communities which offer numerous outside adventures for all generations.  Its strongest assets are the ponds, pathways, golf courses and recreation parks.

All of the three communities represent a perfect blend of nature and modern living. Equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities they enable their residents and visitors to experience Southeast Calgary as an all-around place that doesn’t lack in urban conveniences, but yet you feel like you are in the middle of a nature-haven. All of these communities feature great architectural styles which perfectly blend in with the surroundings, and even if they are similar though, each one of them has their own special places that attract tourists and regular visitors.

McKenzie Towne is located immediately right next to the Deerfoot Trail making it an easily accessible community. Once you enter McKenzie Towne, you will be pleasantly surprised to see numerous green spaces and many pathways. The community is also known for its many ponds which add to its charm. Besides many parks and playgrounds, the community is probably best known for the Prestwick Common Water Fountain, which is a true joy in the summer and winter.

Many parents rush to the fountain area with their kids when the weather is warm to freshen up by the water. There are many green areas, and you can bring your blanket along to sit and enjoy in the sun. In the winter, it is turned into an ice rink, plus, there is also a bonfire. It becomes the perfect place to get into the holiday spirit. The Community Council also organizes Family Skate events, where hot chocolate and hot dogs are usually given for free. The community often organizes different activities for residents at the Towne Hall, like yoga, salsa, ballet, etc. 

Copperfield also stays true to the natural surroundings adorned with pathways for jogging, walking and cycling. The community organizes different events for children and adults. Winter festivals are held at the Copperfield Hall, like the famous Winter Market which will be held this year one month before Christmas. The beautiful part about living in Copperfield is that some homes are adjacent to parks, ponds and walking paths which gives residents immediate access to an amazing natural getaway.

Cranston is situated along the Bow River, which means that its residents get to enjoy the Bow River Pathway, just like Deer Ridge and Deer Run residents, as well as the Fish Creek Park and its many facilities. For all those who love the water and a tranquil setting, they should try fishing at the Bow River. Cranston residents can also enjoy the McKenzie Meadows Golf Course, located just north of the community. The golf course also features banquet halls for hosting events. The golf course gained prominence among tourists and visitors who praise the fairways and especially the practice facilities, as well as the beautiful scenery.

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