Add value to your Calgary home.

For buyers, building equity is usually the primary goal when buying a home, but with time, they come to realize that adding value to their home could be a good Return on Investment strategy. The only problem is that most homeowners start thinking about that when it’s time to sell, so they often engage in substantial one-time remodeling projects that cost lots of money which may or may not reap the return they hoped for. Instead, isn’t it much better to jump in with minor but regular updates from time to time, for example like replacing just the furniture or changing just the kitchen tiles?

Adding value to your home should be seen as a long-term project whereby regular upkeep plays an important role in maximizing your ROI one day. Here is what you can do to breathe new life into your home.

Bathroom And The Kitchen
Buying a new vanity for the bathroom or new energy-efficient appliances for the kitchen are already a step forward. No one says you have to go with a complete makeover, but changing the little details will already set a new tone in the home. If you make it a tradition to change something every once in a while, you will come a long way in a few years. The kitchen and the bathroom are especially important because they account for a higher return on investment rate than any other room.

The Outdoor Space
The summer is about to start, and it’s the perfect time to boost your curb appeal and refresh your home’s exterior. Replacing window frames or the entrance door may be a good idea but make sure to choose durable and low maintenance materials that will last and that the design, the shape and colors complement the rest of the home. You can score high with trendy outside shutters as well as they are currently high in demand.

Getting the backyard into shape sometimes requires a bigger budget, but since it’s one of the biggest selling features, it is probably worth the money. Invest in a patio, seating area, perhaps, a children’s playground, and maybe a fountain or pond to convert your backyard into a comfy and chill out area.

Don’t Neglect Details
Paying attention to details will keep your home in better shape over the years, so don’t neglect small things like spray-painting hardware or repainting the walls, doors and kitchen cabinets to prolong their lifespan. It will keep your home bright and shiny in the long run. Getting new and trendy lighting fixtures, sofa cushions or drapes are also small investments worth your while.

Aadding value to your home does not necessarily involve a major full-scale and costly renovation if you are willing to gradually improve and regularly maintain your home.  It’s all about small fixtures and minor investments from time to time.

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